Mobile Applications Development

iPad application development

KR Globaltech is one of the leading and customer-friendly iPad application development companies, we have been one of the most sought out iPad application development providers to some of the famous and biggest clients all over the world.

iphone application development

KR Globaltech is one of the leading and awesome iphone application development company offering end to end iphone app development services. Starting from the basic and innovative concept stage to graphical user interfaces to programming the basic modules and then finally related to deployment.

Android application development

Our present android application development team members are quite skilled and have the capability to create and develop Android devices for mobile phones, phablets, tablets, etc. In addition to that we optimize the given design of the apps based on the requirements set by the user and as per their experience as the application gets more personalized and even has a minimum learning curve.

Phonegap application development

KR Globaltech have a team of experts in JavaScript and HTML providing you the best and result oriented in PhoneGap services in a flexible and cost effective way. Our basic emphasis on agile methodologies ensures that customer involvement is present in every stage of the app development.

Cross-platform Application Development

Cross-Platform applications can also make it extremely easy for users, with not much experience in maintaining a website, to maintain all platforms through a custom CMS (Content Management System). This benefits numerous business because it gives them the ability to allocate their budget towards the creation of the application, and have someone in-house maintain the websites content and add media when needed.

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