Payment Gateway Integration

The greatest development in choosing exquisite and interesting payment gateway integration from us is that we implement a lot of additional and attractive features like recurring paymentm subscriptions, and sometimes even refund or void existing transactions. Our payment integration services are very much customer-friendly and easy to use. We have always tried to adopt interactive and unique approach in giving our customers the services that is interactive as well as satisfactory. Our goal has always been to give services that are consultative, professional and of course merchant centric so that there is a great amount of benefit in quality as well as quantity.

The following are some of the basic advantages of social media network

  • Easily integrates with your website
  • Every month inclusive transaction
  • Highly customizable and easy to use
  • Advanced and unique transaction control
  • Ability to void or refund the exisiting transactions
  • Competitive, clear and easy to understand transaction processing rate
  • Simple and easy integration with the presences of 45+ online shopping cart facility
  • Free and awesome online reporting along with our current merchant management system

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